Adzuki beans with Chinese barley dessert (赤小豆薏苡仁饮)

These few days have been very humid in Singapore, and it is the perfect time to consume Adzuki beans with Chinese barley to help reduce heatiness and dampness (祛湿) in the body.
This dessert is simple to prepare and can also be enjoyed as a tea-time snack. Let me share with the recipe below:
Ingredients (for 1 pax):
  • Chinese barley (30g)
  • Adzuki beans (赤小豆) (30g)
  • Dried tangerine peel (3g)
  • Honey dates (1 to 2pcs) or rock sugar (up to individual preference)
1. Soak the Chinese barley and red beans for 1 to 1.5 hours.
2. Cook all the ingredients in a pot of water (500 cc). Once the water comes to a boil, switch it to the smallest fire and simmer for 45 mins to 1 hour.
3. Serve and enjoy!
Preparation note: The appearance of Adzuki beans is thinner as compared to normal red beans. Be sure to purchase the right type (as shown in the picture below) if your primary objective is to reduce dampness in the body.
Extra note: Avoid consuming this dessert at night (especially nearer to sleeping hours) as it will increase the urination frequency.
Caution: This dessert is not suitable for pregnant women!

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