An Important Vegetable To Eat In February, March & April of Every Year!

At the time of writing this blog post, we are just into a new lunar new year, this means it is a beginning of a new year, and of course, there are foods that we can eat to help build our body’s immune this new season.

Among the foods that we should eat in Spring, the Chinese Chives (韭菜) are one of the most beneficial vegetables you should eat in every year’s Spring!

The reason is that Chinese Chives have the ability to help our Qi grow outwards (生发) and this property aligns with the season, Spring.

Let’s go through what makes chives an excellent vegetable to eat in this season.

First, Chinese Chives strengthen the kidneys. Through the strengthening of the kidneys, it warms the body and encourages the flow of Qi in the body. Chives also help to strengthen our bones, hence, it is good for the elderly who are at risk of osteoporosis.

Second, Chinese chives can relieve stomach pain due to coldness. Some people might experience stomach discomfort especially after eating raw or cold stuff. And chives have the ability to warm our stomachs and hence, treat this kind of discomfort.

Third, chives are also very good at dispersing clogs in our bodies. During winter, our body will tend to have clogs (whether blood clog or qi clog) and hence, eating Chinese Chives during Spring time will help our body to regain balance.

People Who Are Not Suitable To Eat Chinese Chives

There are two groups of people who are not suitable to eat Chinese Chives. The first group of people is those with eye diseases.

The second group is people who have the yin deficiency body type.

Chinese chives can be eaten by simply pan-frying. The daily consumption suggestion is 60g to 120g per person.


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