Benefits of Manuka Honey

What is Manuka Honey?

Manuka honey has gained popularity in the world and it is now being cultivated in many countries all over the globe. Originally coming from Australia and New Zealand, the Manuka tree produces a white flower that the bees visit to take its nectars. The Manuka honey produced by the bees has a darker brown color and has a richer flavor than other kinds of honey.

What are the benefits of Manuka Honey?

MGO, also known as Methylglyoxal, is a component found in the pollen of the flower of the Manuka tree. It has an antibacterial effect that eliminates both internal and external infections. Manuka honey helps reduce signs of inflammation like swelling and pain. It also has an antibiotic action that kills microorganisms that is one of the main causes of infection and diseases.

Manuka honey can be directly applied to skin lesions, due to the fact that it contains hydrogen peroxide that is the main content of medical wound ointments.

Coconut milk and oats can be used as facial mask to soothe acne and other skin related problems. Manuka honey can also be used as mask to reduce the oiliness in the face. It helps clear the skin and reduce the size of the pores that lowers the risk for boils and blackheads.

In addition, it is good for dental health, as it prevents the formation of plaques that lead to tooth decay and weakening of teeth.

Ulcers, acid reflux and other stomach problems are relieved with Manuka honey. What it does is it coats the esophagus and the stomach. Because of this, the acids produced in the stomach are controlled and the acids are unable to create damage in its lining. With protection from the acids, ulcerations are prevented.

Where can I use Manuka honey in food?

Manuka honey is a sweet addition to many food and beverages alike. It is a good ingredient for our tea, juice or coffee. It can also be used on top of waffles and pancakes.

You can also substitute Manuka honey for your usual jam and spread it on your bread or crackers.

Add this as a sweetener to your bowl of oatmeal, or grab a teaspoon of manuka honey for your yogurt. You can use this to sweeten your desserts like crepe, ice cones and pies.

The sugar in honey is easily digested and promotes better digestion. It tastes so good that you can even eat it on its own.

Manuka honey surely has benefits to both our internal and external health. It can be easily found in groceries and you can even purchase this online.