Chrysanthemum tea benefits in TCM


Chrysanthemum tea is a very common herbal drink that almost every family will know and drink for ‘cooling’ purposes. But do you know what are the exact effects of the different types of chrysanthemum? Read the following to find out! The thermal nature of the chrysanthemum is slightly cold. This means it is very suitable … Read more

Black sesame benefits in TCM

black sesame seeds tcm benefits

In ancient times, the wise mentioned that eating black sesame regularly will help to increase longevity. This post will share more details on how black sesame benefits your body from the TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) perspective.  First, the thermal nature of black sesame is neutral. So this means most people are able to consume them … Read more

iHerb Promo Code SG (Updated Aug 2022)

iherb discount codes

I have been a iHerb customer since 5 years ago and I highly recommend their products not only because the price there is cheaper but also their range of products are organic as compared to the common brands we found in local department stores. I always update this page with the latest iHerb promo code for … Read more