Benefits Of Matcha Green Tea

Víctor Nuño via Compfight I have been reading a lot of health-related books and already know that Green Tea has a lot of health benefits such as high antioxidants, reduce and eliminate cancer cells as well as weight control and several other benefits. I want to share with you my experiences after drinking green tea … Read more

Relieving Stress through Healthy Diet

  D. Sharon Pruitt via Compfight Are you one of the busy buddies at work who are most of the time, going home with a headache and tiresome feeling? You are most probably stressed out and need some helpful ways to cope up. You can fight stress by just eating right and avoiding those poor … Read more

The Foods That Will Spare You Away From Cancer

  dorena-wm via Compfight Cancer has been known to be one if the deadliest diseases in the world. And because of the growing number of deaths which result from Cancer, researches continue to find the perfect treatment to cure it. But although the knowledge of treatment is necessary, the better thing we actually have to … Read more

Banana for Life!

Robert Fornal via Compfight Banana has always been a part of my diet simply because I couldn’t resist it and it just seems to taste better every day. Apart from its natural delectable taste, what we do not know about banana are the health benefits it gives. Banana is an all around dietary supplement that … Read more

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