Types of Stretching

“PictureYouth” via Compfight I borrowed a few books recently on stretching as I believe that our body flexibility is important to our health as well. This is the first time in my life I discovered that there are a few types of stretching, namely: Static Stretching: This is the most common stretching and it relies … Read more

The Power of Alkaline Water – Kangen Water

Stuart Williams via Compfight Do you know that 70% of our planet is covered in water? 98% of this 70% is water that is not drinkable as it is the ocean. Slightly less than 2% is locked up in glacier and polar ice caps. The remaining less than 1% is drinkable which is found in … Read more

CHI Running Is Awesome!

Ken Douglas via Compfight I’m feeling so great today waking up at 6am and went for my CHI Running routine (which I have lost momentum for quite a few weeks..). I feel so refreshing running in the park early in the morning enjoying the air and seeing groups of people doing meditation too! What Is … Read more

Natural Remedies for Heart Burn

Heart burn is a very simple name given to a medical condition that may lead to a complex gastric disorder named as acid peptic disease. Acid peptic disease encompasses multiple disorders like gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer or gastroesophageal reflux disease(GERD). Moreover, it may also cause esophagitis, barret’s esophagus, strictures and may lead to esophageal carcinoma. … Read more

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