Benefits of Manuka Honey

What is Manuka Honey?

Manuka honey has gained popularity in the world and it is now being cultivated in many countries all over the globe. Originally coming from Australia and New Zealand, the Manuka tree produces a white flower that the bees visit to take its nectars. The Manuka honey produced by the bees has a darker brown color and has a richer flavor than other kinds of honey.

What are the benefits of Manuka Honey?

MGO, also known as Methylglyoxal, is a component found in the pollen of the flower of the Manuka tree. It has an antibacterial effect that eliminates both internal and external infections. Manuka honey helps reduce signs of inflammation like swelling and pain. It also has an antibiotic action that kills microorganisms that is one of the main causes of infection and diseases.

Manuka honey can be directly applied to skin lesions, due to the fact that it contains hydrogen peroxide that is the main content of medical wound ointments.

Coconut milk and oats can be used as facial mask to soothe acne and other skin related problems. Manuka honey can also be used as mask to reduce the oiliness in the face. It helps clear the skin and reduce the size of the pores that lowers the risk for boils and blackheads.

In addition, it is good for dental health, as it prevents the formation of plaques that lead to tooth decay and weakening of teeth.

Ulcers, acid reflux and other stomach problems are relieved with Manuka honey. What it does is it coats the esophagus and the stomach. Because of this, the acids produced in the stomach are controlled and the acids are unable to create damage in its lining. With protection from the acids, ulcerations are prevented.

Where can I use Manuka honey in food?

Manuka honey is a sweet addition to many food and beverages alike. It is a good ingredient for our tea, juice or coffee. It can also be used on top of waffles and pancakes.

You can also substitute Manuka honey for your usual jam and spread it on your bread or crackers.

Add this as a sweetener to your bowl of oatmeal, or grab a teaspoon of manuka honey for your yogurt. You can use this to sweeten your desserts like crepe, ice cones and pies.

The sugar in honey is easily digested and promotes better digestion. It tastes so good that you can even eat it on its own.

Manuka honey surely has benefits to both our internal and external health. It can be easily found in groceries and you can even purchase this online.

Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Where do we get chocolates?

The chocolates that we enjoy today and in the past came from the beans of the cacao tree. These beans go on through the process of cleansing, roasting and adding of flavors such as milk, sugar etc.

Why choose dark chocolate?

There are many kinds of chocolates out there such as milk chocolate, fruits and peanuts chocolate and dark chocolate. They all taste good and each kind has several benefits, but the question is: why should we choose dark chocolate?

Dark chocolates contain antioxidants that fight free radicals that cause damage to the cells in our body. When these cells are damaged, it makes them weak and the body is prone to infection and other preventable diseases.

Another dark chocolate benefit is its effect on the blood pressure. It contains epicatechin that helps prevent accumulation of cholesterol, leading to lowering of elevated blood pressures. It has the effect of making blood vessels flexible, thus allowing good blood circulation.

When you are feeling down or seems like you are still glued onto your bed, then you need dark chocolate to increase your energy. It has an energy-boosting effect. In addition, it enhances the mood and it increases blood flow through the brain.

Dark chocolates are loaded with polyphenols (such as gallic acid) that is good for the skin. It has the ability to prevent fungal growth and other skin conditions like rashes and acne.

According to research, dark chocolate promotes good oral health. This delicious dessert contains theobromine that coats the teeth. It has the action of making the enamel strong that prevents it from weakening and breaking easily.

Dark chocolate benefits are plenty, and these are some more of them: They contain iron and potassium and other minerals that are needed by the body for normal functioning. Iron performs its job by preventing low oxygen levels in the blood. Potassium on the other hand is good for muscular strength, preventing leg cramps and other muscle spasms.

For people diagnosed with fatty liver (caused by high fat intake or alcoholism), dark chocolate is recommended in specific portions. Dark chocolates reduce the fat that coats the fatty liver.

How much dark chocolate can I eat?

Tests have shown that eating a “moderate” size of dark chocolate on a daily basis prevents heart attack and stroke.

Dark chocolate, just like any other food contains fats and calories, so remember to take it in moderation at about 1 inch portion or less (30 caloric count).

Aloe Vera Benefits

What is aloe vera?

Aloe vera is a spiky green plant that is beautiful as an ornamental plant. Moreover, it has plenty of uses. The following benefits can be from medical and cosmetic uses. It is easily cultivated and can be planted in one’s backyard or even in small pots.

Where can I find aloe vera?

Aloe vera has gained a worldwide audience due to its benefits. A number of researches have been done about this plant. Due to this, there are many forms of aloe vera we can find in the market.

Aloe vera can be found in an herbal shop or in an herbal garden. It is easy to grow and replant. Some aloe vera at the shops is sold in a pack like in bottle forms such as aloe vera lotion, moisturizers, aloe vera soap, etc.

What are the aloe vera benefits?

Aloe vera has many natural healing properties and uses. It can be used externally and internally. When used externally, here are the benefits:

When you split this plant, it will produce a gel-like liquid. It relieves itching (rashes, acne and other skin conditions). It relieves pain and burns (cooking burns, blisters or other scalding on the skin).

This aloe vera gel can be made into a facial mask mixed with honey and oats. It soothes dry and cracked lips (due to climate changes) as well. This aloe vera gel can be applied in the hair to moisturize it, making it soft and smooth.

Among the many aloe vera benefits is its moisturizing effect on the skin that soothes sunburn. It reverses the signs of aging and can reduce wrinkles and other fine lines on the forehead and sides of the lips.

It can also be used as a shaving gel, to protect the skin. In addition, it reduces signs of inflammation (such as pain, redness and swelling). It also promotes fast wound healing, such as cuts and abrasions.

As mentioned above, aloe vera can be taken internally and be enjoyed as a juice or a sweet dessert that provides nutrients for the body. Aloe vera is rich in vitamins A, C, E and packed with minerals as well.

Vitamin A promotes good eyesight, while Vitamin C is an immune system booster. It protects the system from infection and other diseases. Furthermore, Vitamin E is for clear and blemish-free skin. Aloe vera contains antioxidants that cleanses and detoxifies the body, helping eliminate toxins.