Top 5 Aloe Vera Supplements Comparison & Their Benefits

Click here if you want to see the comparison chart now or scroll down the page to see the top 5 aloe vera supplements comparison! Traditionally, aloe vera has been used extensively in Traditional Chinese, Ayurvedic and other forms of herbal medical systems to treat all sorts of ailments. The versatile medicinal plant is well-known … Read more

Why Most Multivitamins Don’t Work and What You Need Instead

Around 50% of Americans take multivitamins consistently, while others opt for individual vitamin supplements and one in five turn to herbal supplements to meet their nutritional needs [1]. For the synthetic supplement industry, the sales have been great, exceeding more than $21 billion in 2015 alone. Unfortunately, the individuals spending this money aren’t reaping the … Read more

Powerful Colon Cleansing Foods

If you are leading a typical Singaporean lifestyle particularly the eating habits, I encourage you to start including the following foods into your diet. They have powerful colon cleansing abilities! This image is proudly presented by PositiveMed!

How Pineapples Bring Out Great Benefits

  Luz Adriana Villa via Compfight Almost everyone loves pineapples because of their delicious taste. And I am not an exception. Pineapples are, for me, the sweetest fruits on earth. But aside from the delight we get from eating pineapples, there are several benefits we get from them. Here are the healthy benefits of pineapples: … Read more

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