Ways To Resist Temptation To Eat Unhealthy Foods

  Nathan Gibbs via Compfight For us to stay healthy and in good shape, healthy eating habit is a must and stepping away from unhealthy foods at all cost is a necessity. But sometimes, just when we finally decide to separate ourselves from eating unhealthy foods, temptations just try to pull us from our most … Read more

The Heart-Friendly Fruits and Veggies

  Beatrice Tiberi via Compfight One of the most vital organs we possess that we would never, ever want to risk for any serious disease is our heart. As an organ which is primarily responsible for proper blood circulation in our body, why would we risk it to developing Cardiovascular Diseases? There are tons of … Read more

The Foods That Will Spare You Away From Cancer

  dorena-wm via Compfight Cancer has been known to be one if the deadliest diseases in the world. And because of the growing number of deaths which result from Cancer, researches continue to find the perfect treatment to cure it. But although the knowledge of treatment is necessary, the better thing we actually have to … Read more

The Power of Alkaline Water – Kangen Water

Stuart Williams via Compfight Do you know that 70% of our planet is covered in water? 98% of this 70% is water that is not drinkable as it is the ocean. Slightly less than 2% is locked up in glacier and polar ice caps. The remaining less than 1% is drinkable which is found in … Read more

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