Homeopathy – the law of similars

What is Homeopathy

It’s interesting to read that Homeopathy is invented based on the law of similars which means to heal someone experiencing a symptom, we use the substance that causes the same symptoms. For example, ritalin is often prescribed for hyperactive children and yet is itself a stimulant. Radiation can cause cancer and yet is used in the treatment of the disease.

alternative medicine with homeopathy

The concept was developed by the physician Paracelsus (1493-1541) who stated: “You bring together the same anatomy of the herbs and the same anatomy of the illness into one order. This simile gives you an understanding of the way in which you shall heal.”. Based on the principle of “like cures like” – a substance that can bring you ill in large doses can cure you if taken in small doses. The first homeopath remedies was developed by the German doctor, Samuel Hahnemann. Homeopathic remedies are created from animal, plant and mineral substances diluted many times so that less, or none of the original chemical substance is present.  Although no one yet understands the precise science by which homeopath works, it is believed that diluting the original substance creates an effective yet safe remedy that, when prescribed correctly, can cure a wide range of conditions. Furthermore, homeopathic medicines are less costly to produce and buy than conventional durgs, making them affordable, and an attractive form of alternative treatment for a variety of illness.

When a homeopath prescribes a remedy, he or she will look at every aspect of the patient, from their physical symptoms to their mental and emotional state. A basic tenet of homeopathy is that it treats the whole person, not just their symptoms, it is a holistic therapy.

Today thousands of people around the world have found that homeopathic remedies can help in the treatment of both acute and chronic conditions, from common colds and flu to eczema and asthma. People are successfully self-prescribing homeopathic remedies for a variety of common minor illnesses, such as colds, cuts, aches and of course always consult your doctor for anything other than minor conditions.

And my husband and I are one of these thousands who have successfully used homeopathic for healing some conditions. 

How homeopathy works for us

I first used homeopathy remedy when I had just moved to a different country, and during the Winter season, there is very little or almost no sun light in the day time. I suddenly got into depression and also partly due to a major life transformation, I had lost my balance and sense of purpose and constantly in negativing emotions.

After a friend helped suggested and motivated me to see a coach and a homeopathic homeopathic color remediesconsultant, I was prescribed homeopathic pills created by Ambika Wauters, a trained homeopath, certified by the Council of Homeopathic Certification. It was color homeopathy remedy, meaning each pill is made with the different colors corresponding to our chakra system. I took a very strong potion of “Yellow” to help bring enthusiasm and self identity back to my self and life, and thereafter daily intake of other color pills. I got a more strong hold of my balance within months, and thereafter I continue with the pills for about a year, with different colors remedies corresponding to a holistic healing and transformation path.

For my husband, homeopathic has helped him in curing insomnia. After seeking help from several doctors with no improvement, he went for a session from a homeopathic consultant. Some pills was prescribed for daily intake, also one bigger dosage was given one time on the day of the consultation. Something like a booster.

Within a period of a few months of regular intake, his insomnia has gone away.

by Ling Kulanko, a Life Coach & Transformation Workshop leader.

To read more about mind body connection and empowerment in transforming your life, read about “Living Your Truth” at my blog here.



The Power of Alkaline Water – Kangen Water

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Do you know that 70% of our planet is covered in water? 98% of this 70% is water that is not drinkable as it is the ocean. Slightly less than 2% is locked up in glacier and polar ice caps. The remaining less than 1% is drinkable which is found in lakes and streams.

Water is essential for all living things on our planet. An average person can survive more than 2 weeks without food but cannot survive more than 72 hours without water.

Almost everyone is dehydrated in some way. Chronic dehydration has affected many people, resulting in symptoms like fatigue, low in energy, constipation, premature aging, acid-alkaline imbalance, abnormal blood pressure, obesity, digestive disorder and many more other conditions.

Many degenerative diseases are due to free radicals oxidative stress and acidic wastes. Our acidic lifestyle, i.e. consuming acid-forming food and beverages like sodas puts our body in unnecessary stress. The body has to work harder to fight the free radicals and remove acidic wastes.

Free radicals oxidative stress has been widely accepted by the medical world as the cause of almost all sickness and diseases. Therefore, it is important to remove free radicals using antioxidants. Currently, the most common forms of hydration, i.e. tap water, bottled water and canned drinks are oxidising.

Our body has the ability to heal itself if it is given the right nutrition. Our body mass is 70% to 75% water but we pay more attention to what we eat than what we drink. Water is the basic nutrition we need. 90% of our blood is water, 80% of our brain is water, 22% of our bones are water and so on. Without proper hydration, our blood moves slower, nutrients and oxygen gets transported slower to our vital organs. Without enough water, our brain shrinks which will affect our concentration and focus which in turn affects our work.

In order to enjoy good health, slow down aging and proper hydration, we need to drink the right kind of water. Water that has high in antioxidants, alkaline and micro-clustered. This type of water is usually found in the nature, near the glaciers, waterfalls and some under the ground.

Most of us live in a concrete jungle and there is no opportunity to enjoy such good water. However, using technology, we are able to convert our tap water into what nature intended water to be. This is water is called Kangen Water®, which means water that is returned to origin in Japanese.

Kangen Water® machines are used in hundreds of thousands of homes worldwide to transform tap water into pure, healthy alkaline drinking water. It was first used in hospitals and to date, more than 250 hospitals and clinics in Japan are using Kangen Water® to help patients recover from cancer, diabetes, heart disease, etc. in a drug free environment.

Kangen Water Benefits
The corporate philosophy of Enagic International is ‘True Health to the World’ and we have offices in USA, Canada, Mexico, Germany, Italy, Australia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia.
By drinking Kangen Water® that is high in anti-oxidants, alkalinity and micro-clustered, the body’s system is kept in balance so that it can heal itself. Users have reported to show improvement in blood pressure, blood sugar level, skin conditions, autism and many more. In fact, renowned gastroenterologist and best-selling author, Dr Hiromi Shinya, who pioneered colonoscopy, uses Kangen Water® for all his patients as his treatment protocol.
Kangen Water® is produced by a continuous electrolysis water generator manufactured by Enagic®. Enagic® is licensed as a medical device manufacturer by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, Government of Japan. It has met the International Standards for Manufacturing Medical Devices, ISO 13485. Therefore, Enagic®’s water systems are licensed as a medical device. Enagic® is the ONLY water company which has been endorsed by more than 6500 doctors from the Japanese Association of Preventive Medicine for Adult Diseases. Enagic® is also the ONLY water ionizer manufacturer that received the Gold Seal Certificate from WQA, Water Quality Association.
With a touch of a button, Enagic®’s water system is able to produce 5 types of water to meet our health, beauty and cleaning needs.

Kangen Water System

For more information about Kangen Water System, please call (65) 94513549 or email brian@kangenwaterglobal.net

Ways to overcome depression

What is depression?

Depression ranks second to the most common chronic medical illnesses, while it ranks #1 in the most common mental conditions.

Depression is one of the leading causes of preventable deaths in the world. It is a mental condition that completely alters the mood and outlook in life of a person. In depression, the main goal is to escape the problem by thinking of death as the only way to end it all.

What causes depression?

Genetics – parents or relatives with mental illnesses will have a chance of passing this to their children, because depression can be inherited.

Drug or alcohol abuse – drugs and alcohol can alter mental stability of a person that causes depression and other illnesses.

Poor problem solving skills – if a person has the inability to decide for himself and problems arise, his/her coping may be affected and thus lead to depression.

Social factors – such as traumatic conditions (rape, war and calamities), and being bullied in school or workplace.

Medical or biological factors – chronic or long term illnesses can lead to depression. Loss of an arm or leg or any body functions is also another cause.

How is depression diagnosed?

Lack or too much of sleep – family members or friends of the affected person may observe that he/she is sleeping more than ever, or not being able to sleep at all.

Mood changes – feelings of wanting to die and being unable to make decisions.

Lack of energy – unable to perform daily routines such as going to work and other activities of daily living such as bathing, reading a book, and no energy for the activities the person used to love.

Low self esteem – poor eye contact, avoiding conversations and has a low self confidence.

Poor diet – characterized by being unable to eat or eating excessively. There can be signs of weight loss or gain.

Inducing harm – attempting suicide and inflicting pain to oneself (wounds or cuts on the body may be seen).

What are the ways to overcome depression?

Antidepressant medications – are prescribed by the Psychiatrist to stabilize the mood and regain normal sleeping patterns.

Emotional support – surround yourself with the happy people and the people you love like your family and friends. Professional support can also be provided by a Psychotherapist or psychiatrist.

Activities – a way of being entertained and diverted by doing something fun like sports, watching a movie, and being around friends or support groups.

Get some sun – get out of the dark and be exposed to the sun and well-lit places to boost the mood.

Eating healthy foods – for the purpose of receiving sufficient vitamins and minerals, as well as to normalize body weight and body system functions.

Degrees of depression vary from one person to the other. Some people can conquer this situation on their own, while seeking medical help is also recommended.