CHI Running Is Awesome!

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I’m feeling so great today waking up at 6am and went for my CHI Running routine (which I have lost momentum for quite a few weeks..). I feel so refreshing running in the park early in the morning enjoying the air and seeing groups of people doing meditation too!

What Is CHI Running?

To be frank, I never like running until I discovered CHI Running a few years ago. I went to borrow a book from the local library and never looked back since then. CHI Running is implementing the principles of Tai-Chi into your running style. As a CHI Runner, you will feel that the gravity is working for you other than working against the gravity. CHI Running is also called the Effortless Running.

Why CHI Running?

You may be surprised that most of our running techniques are not correct and it adds stress to our legs, knees and spine. This is why you heard frequent Runners complain about their knee problems. This is the reason why CHI Running is so welcomed by Professionals Runners in recent years. There are tons of testimonials from people who have adopted CHI Running into their exercise routines. The following are the some of the advantages of CHI Running:

  1. Reduce impact, stay pain-free. Normal running style focus on muscles. But CHI Running focus on core and your form of running, hence,you can run effortlessly without putting on stress to your legs.
  2. Improve your posture, core strength, and use gravity to make running easier.
  3. Make running a fulfilling practice.

My results!

After practicing CHI Running for a couple of years, running to me now is a relaxing and therapeutic experience.  Let me share this: If you are in the correct form (implementing the CHI Running techniques) while running, you will start to love running like never before!

If you are someone who wants to start exercising but feels that running is difficult, try grabbing a copy of the CHI Running book online at Amazon or local library. The official website is here –CHI Running is founded by Danny Dreyer.

Need an Instructor?

If you are living in Singapore and looking for an instructor so that you can learn much faster, contact Mr Tang (we call him Fish Tang, because he also teaches fish like swimming).

Take a look at the following video on some introduction on CHI Running:

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