Okra (Lady Finger) TCM Benefits & Properties

We are into the ‘autumn’ (this is also applicable for tropical countries that do not have obvious four seasons) season of the year. One of the best food to eat during the ‘autumn’ season is okra (aka lady finger).

Let’s take a look at its benefits and properties from the TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) perspective.

Strengthens Stomach And Aids Digestion

Okra contains pectin that helps to protect the inner layer of the stomach and promotes digestion. Thus, it can relieve the discomfort of indigestion felt by some people after meals.

Lowers Blood Cholesterol And Protects Blood Vessels

Okra contains 50% of soluble fiber. It can help in reducing the chance of getting cardio-related diseases.

Slows Aging And Improves Immunity

Okra contains a great deal of Glycosaminoglycan, zinc, and other minerals that helps to remove free radicals in the body. Thus, this will improve your immunity and slows down aging.

Okra is also very beneficial to the skin.

Strengthen Kidneys

When it comes to greens, Okra is one of the most potent foods that can help in strengthening the kidneys. If you have qi deficiency in the kidney (diagnosed by a TCM physician), then okra is a suitable food you can consume.

Even for people without qi deficiency in kidney, okra is still very beneficial to eat as it strengthens the kidneys and from there, slows down the aging process.

Take Note When Cooking Okra

As the nutrients inside okra can easily be dissolved in water, it is not recommended to cut it into small pieces before cooking.

A good recommendation to handle okra is to blanch the whole okra for one minute before you cut it into small pieces or eat it without cutting.

Hope you find this post useful!

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