The Benefits of Eating Lotus Root This Autumn

There is a saying that during autumn, lotus (lotus root, lotus seed, etc.) is a great food to eat if you want a healthy body. This also applies to countries that do not have noticeable seasonal changes like Singapore.

Autumn is a great season to eat tonic food because, prior in summer, our bodies tend to discharge more fluids and expend more energy.

Lotus root is a great food to add to your diet this autumn as it has the following benefits.

Relieve Fatigue

A lot of people will feel more fatigue during the autumn season, especially after a lot of usage of energy in the summer. As lotus root contains a lot of vitamins and minerals, it helps to relieve fatigue.

It can also help you resist viruses and improve body immunity!

Nourish Lungs And Stops Cough

One common illness most people will get in autumn is coughing. The reason is that as the air gets drier, the lungs can easily get irritated and starts to cough. When this happens, the solution is to moisturize the lungs. And lotus root is one great food that has the ability to moisturize the lungs (pear also has this property).

Thus, lotus root is great in relieving dry cough (coughs that do not appear to have any phlegm). If you are coughing with a lot of phlegm, then please void eating lotus root as it may worsen your cough.

Disperse Clots

Lotus root is ideal for people with blood stale body constitution type. The reason is that lotus root has the property of dispersing blood clots in the body. If you are experiencing symptoms like sudden bruises, experience pain in different body areas, or dark eye bags (even with enough sleep), then you can try adding lotus root to your diet.

Refer to this blog post for more information about improving blood circulation using foods.

How To Eat Lotus Root

Lotus root can be added to any soup in your diet. You can include it in any vegetarian soup or any soup with meat. It is better to cut it into slices for easy eating.

However, if you find that the preparation work is too troublesome, you can consider getting those that are pre-cut and boiled so you can just cook it straight. This is an example of boiled lotus root that you can use in your cooking conveniently.

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