Ways To Resist Temptation To Eat Unhealthy Foods


Nathan Gibbs via Compfight

For us to stay healthy and in good shape, healthy eating habit is a must and stepping away from unhealthy foods at all cost is a necessity. But sometimes, just when we finally decide to separate ourselves from eating unhealthy foods, temptations just try to pull us from our most likely, insurmountable goal.

This leads me into particular realization that, self-evidently, I am one of those few who have been struggling to avoid temptations to the delicious yet unhealthy foods. And with all honesty, it’s not easy. But, of course—when there’s effort, everyone’s going to run off from these unhealthy foods.

What are these foods anyway? Such foods that are commonly classified as unhealthy are junk foods, soda, potato chips, chocolates, luncheon meats, canned goods and a lot more.

Now, how do we suppose to resist eating these harmful foods?

  • Eliminate all the tempting unhealthy foods at home. Remove them from your refrigerator and cupboards and place nutritious set of foods instead.
  • Look for any healthier substitute. For instance, if you are tempted to eat chocolates, basically you are craving for something sweet. Why not indulge yourself in fruits or vegetable salads?
  • Avoid situations that may lead you to crave unhealthy foods like watching movies at home all night. Make yourself busy. Diversion is one way of getting rid of temptation.
  • A ‘No’ is a ‘No’. And since every unhealthy food is a temptation, self motivation and determination to turn down the urge should serve as a challenge and come into play.
  • Set a goal for yourself. Visualize yourself as someone healthier and someone who look better and feels better everyday—all because of healthy diet.