Avoiding The Wrong Food Is As Important As (If Not, More Important Than) Eating The Right Food

Recently someone asked how to cure adult acne in the TCM subreddit and I was reminded of my own experience many years ago which taught me food choices are important!
I always had active acne from my school days. Even when I was working full-time after I graduated, the acne still won’t give up popping. I still remember I even went to GP and only after eating antibiotics then I see obvious results.
However, I became very concerned after I learned about the long-term negative effects that antibiotics have on our body so I started to seek alternate solutions.
It was at that time that I started to learn more about integrated health and realized that it was the inflammation in me that caused my acne.
I immediately look into my diet and eliminate all the foods that cause inflammation. After many tries and trials, I discovered that what causes my acne (inflammation) is milk and cheese! The whole process is like an investigation!
Till today, if I were to drink milo (yes, I didn’t know that milo contains milk!) for consecutive 3 days, I would have breakouts and redness/soreness on different parts of my face.
A similar case would happen if I were to eat cheese…
It wasn’t until I stopped drinking milk (replaced with soy milk) and other dairy products, that I saw fewer and fewer then finally no acne outbreaks!
I also started my intake of anti-inflammatory foods such as matcha, Vitamin C, and healthy fats.
Till recently (after attending the Chinese medicated dietitian course), I then realized that the herbs classified under 清热解毒 are there to help us reduce inflammation!
Sidenote: This is the reason why Honeysuckle 金银花 can also help in acne outbreaks.
The feeling of not relying on antibiotics (or other drugs) and just based on the foods we eat to improve our quality of life is a relief!
We are our best doctors because we are the only ones who can investigate and find out what’s causing our existing health issues by taking a look at our diets. Many diseases are caused by the foods we eat.
These are some tips for foods you eat that are not suitable for you:
– acne outbreak, any kind of inflammation that you can see (ulcer etc)
– Phlegm after meals
– Itchy, tearing eye
– Diarrhea (or stomach discomfort) after a meal – some foods tend to create more gas in your intestine than others – this also leads to a bloated stomach
If you notice the above signs quite frequently, then look into your diet and see if you can find if any food that is the trigger.
Hope this post helps someone out there to be more aware and improve your quality of life through better food choices!

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