Yin Deficiency TCM Body Constitution

Today let’s learn more about the eighth (and last) type of body constitution – Yin Deficiency Body Constitution (阴虚体质).
In a healthy person’s body, the Yin and Yang energies are in equilibrium. When either of these energies become out of balance, the body will show symptoms and areas of discomfort.
When a person has a Yin deficiency body constitution, it means that the Yin energy in this person’s body is below average.
The Yin energy in our body plays an important role in nourishing our organs and skin with fluids (Yin). When the body lacks Yin energy, it means that the body cannot produce enough fluids for nourishment and hence most Yin-deficient people will find that they feel thirsty most of the time.
The following symptoms are some of the obvious signs of a person with Yin deficiency body constitution:
Hot palms and soles – People with Yin deficiency will find that their palms and soles are hotter than others. Some may also experience warm, sweaty palms because the body is expelling fluids as a result of Yin deficiency.
Dry mouth and throat – People with Yin deficiency will feel thirsty most of the time because there is a lack of fluids in their body. They also frequently experience dry mouth and throat.
Dry, hard stools – Dry and hard stools are pretty common for people with Yin deficiency because of a lack of fluids in the large intestine.
Easily frustrated – A person who lacks Yin energy will get frustrated more easily, especially when the weather is warm. This is because the Yin in our body is the opposite force that controls and holds the Yang energy in check. If Yin is deficient, the unbalanced over-functioning Yang energy will cause one to feel frustrated and irritated easily.

Top Recommended Foods To Eat

Many people have a misconception that eating more cooling foods or drinking more herbal tea will help to restore the body’s Yin energy, but it is not true! In fact, it will worsen your Yin deficiency body constitution.
The right solution is to eat foods that can nourish the Yin energy in your body. Adding these foods to your diet or increasing the intake of these foods will help to return your body to a more balanced state.
Following are the top 5 recommended foods that will benefit you if you have Yin deficiency body constitution (as a general rule of thumb, please consume all foods in moderation):
1. Duck Meat (Chinese Name: 鸭肉)
2. Bird’s Nest (Chinese Name: 燕窝)
You can do a free online TCM body constitution test over at TCM Food Therapy site here.

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