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My name is KC and I created this site to share my knowledge as a Chinese Medicated Food Dietitian. Hope you find my posts useful!
KC Tan

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iherb discount codes

iHerb Promo Code SG (Updated May 2023)

I have been a iHerb customer since 2011 (more than 10 years ago!) and I highly recommend their products not ...
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how to relieve cough

How to relieve cough with phlegm (dos and don’ts)

Coughing is one of the most persistent sicknesses if it is not addressed in time. Left unattended, it can cause ...
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Cherries tcm benefits

TCM Benefits Of Cherries

Recently there are lots of cherries available in the market and do you know that cherries are one of those ...
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An Important Vegetable To Eat In Feb, Mar & Apr of Every Year!

At the time of writing this blog post, we are just into a new lunar new year, this means it ...
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sugar cane water chestnut drink

Sugar Cane Water Chestnut Drink

Sugar Cane Water Chestnut Drink This drink is best for relieving flu (heat-type). It cools, nourishes and hydriate the body ...
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honeysuckle mint drink

Honeysuckle Mint Drink

Honeysuckle Mint Drink This drink excels in relieving flu (heat-type) and encourage swaeting to dissipate redundant heat in the body ...
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