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My name is KC and I created this site to share what I have learned from and after my study at Singapore College of Traditional Chinese Medicine as Chinese Medicated Food Dietitian (class 2016). Enjoy reading my posts!

KC Tan

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tcm foods for lungs

Eat These TCM Foods To Strengthen Lungs

Are you looking for ways or foods to eat to strengthen your lungs? Before knowing what foods will help to ...
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tcm food to improve blood circulation

TCM Foods To Eat To Improve Blood Circulation

Are you looking to improve your blood circulation by consuming certain foods? If so, read on and find out first ...
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Eat These TCM Foods To Strengthen Kidneys

Do you think you have weak kidneys and would like to strengthen them through diet? I will share some of ...
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Eat These TCM Foods To Strengthen Spleen

Are you curious about what are the foods that can help to strengthen your spleen? Before that, let us learn ...
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How to get rid of dampness in body (TCM)

If you would like to get rid of dampness in your body using TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) food therapy, then ...
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iherb discount codes

iHerb Promo Code SG (Updated Sep 2022)

I have been a iHerb customer since 5 years ago and I highly recommend their products not only because the ...
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