Yin Nourishing Dessert


Today, I’d like to share with you a good food/fruit to eat during these few weeks which is – the pear! In my latest solar term post on Jing Zhe, I mentioned that it is recorded in 本草通玄 that pear has the properties of: “生吃清六腑之热,熟吃滋五脏之阴” It means:1. When eaten raw, it can clear heatiness in the body.2. When eaten cooked, it can nourish our Yin energy. Here is a simple recipe of cooked pear with white fungus that you can try at home! Ingredients (for 2 pax):1. Dried white fungus2. Pear3. Lotus seeds4. Dried longan5. Red dates Steps:1. Soak the white fungus for 1 to 2 hours, then tear them into smaller pieces. The smaller they are, the easier it is to achieve a softer texture. 2. Use a small knife to make a few slits on each of the red dates. This will give the red dates a softer texture after cooking. 3. Wash the pear and cut it into bite-sized pieces (with skin intact). 4. Cook the white fungus in water for 1.5 hours. 5. Add pear, lotus seeds, dried longan and red dates and cook for another 15 to 30 minutes. 6. This recipe does not require any sugar as the pear is a natural sweetener for the dessert! 🙂 Note:1. The longer you cook the pear (up to 30 minutes), the softer it gets and the more potent will be the Yin nourishing effect. 2: This dessert is especially suitable for people who are Yin deficient (people who have difficulty sleeping, almost always feeling thirsty, easily frustrated, palms, feet and chest area feeling hot all the time). Post-dietary review:If you experience indigestion or your stomach feels bloated after eating this dessert, it means that your spleen cannot take Yin nourishing stuff. In this case, you can eat some dried tangerine peel (ready-to-eat kind) to ease your symptoms. Moving forward, you can strengthen your spleen by consuming more spleen-boosting foods like Chinese yam, red dates and Si Shen soup. Hope you find this post useful! 

Pumpkin & Pumpkin Seeds Benefits, Properties in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Pumpkin tcm benefits

Both pumpkin and pumpkin seeds have good benefits and properties in the TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) perspective. Read on to find out what makes them both a good addition to your diet. Also, the following includes what kind of people should avoid eating them too. Pumpkin TCM Properties Pumpkin is neutral in terms of its thermal nature. This means most people can eat it for long term without causing any issues to the body. Pumpkin benefits the lung, spleen, and stomach organ meridians so this means that the above three organs can benefit from pumpkin too. Pumpkin is one of the rare foods that has the benefit of strengthening the spleen. A good spleen helps in the absorption of nutrients from foods to our body, so having a strong and healthy spleen is important. The two strongest properties of pumpkin are: Detox: It can help to detox the body. This means it helps to reduce inflammation in the body. Relieve water retention: If you have water retention in any parts of your body, eating pumpkin will also help to relieve the water retention too. The excess water will be discharged through urine. So this explains why sometimes when you eat pumpkin porridge or pumpkin soy milk, you can experience frequent urination. The only caution to note is that people with qi deficiency, try to reduce their intake of pumpkin.  How To Add Pumpkin To Your Diet There are two ways of adding pumpkin to your diet easily. First, you can add slices of pumpkin to your rice cooker when you are cooking the rice. Pumpkin is easily cooked when placed in the rice cooker and makes good complimentary food together with your rice in any meal. Another way is to add pumpkin to your soy milk machine (if you have the habit of making soy milk at home). Pumpkin soy milk can help to ease or prevent arthritis (joint inflammation) too. It is a good drink to make for the elderly to protect their joints. Pumpkin Seeds TCM Properties Pumpkin seeds are also neutral in their thermal nature. So this means almost anyone can eat pumpkin seeds without any issues. Pumpkin seeds benefits the large intestine organ meridian. Pumpkin seeds have the following two strong properties: Eliminate parasites in the body: In the past, pumpkin seeds are used to drive away worms and other parasites that reside in the human body, especially in the large intestine.  Maintain prostate health: The second property is that these seeds can help to maintain a healthy prostate. It can also help to relieve frequent urination when sleeping. How To Add Pumpkin Seeds To Your Diet You can eat pumpkin seeds as a snack or add them to your breakfast cereal. They are very versatile to be added to any meal too. Where To Buy Pumpkin Seeds Pumpkin seeds can be bought easily online nowadays. If possible, try to choose those that are organic and are ready-to-eat like this one.

Recommended Herbal Drinks for Humid Months (June, July & August)

chinese barley water

If you are living in Singapore (or any other country that is currently very humid), then this post is for you. The impact of humid weather on our bodies is that it will create moisture (known as 湿) within our bodies. In the long term, this moisture will become damp and starts to create trouble for our health. One sign of dampness in our body is water retention (appears in any part of the body). People with water retention most likely have some degree of dampness in them. In fact, everyone who lives in a tropical country like Singapore will have some degree of dampness in the body. Dampness may not necessarily appear as water retention in certain body parts, it can also be hidden in our body and affects our digestion. Our spleen is very vulnerable to dampness. Thus, a good drink to have during humid weather is the Chinese barley drink. The main property of Chinese barley is getting rid of dampness. This, therefore, helps in relieving water retention. Chinese barley also helps to cool the body so this makes it an ideal drink during humid months like Jun, Jul and Aug. Read this post to learn more about Chinese barley drink and how to prepare an effective one to consume. Another good drink to have is the green bean drink. Not only can green beans help to detox our bodies, it can also quench thirst and cools the body just like the Chinese barley property. Click here to read how to prepare an effective green bean drink anytime! Also, if you are keen to find out what other types of herbal drinks and when should you drink them, then you might find this post useful!

How To Relieve Cough With Phlegm (Dos and Don’ts)

how to relieve cough

Coughing is one of the most persistent sicknesses if it is not addressed in time. Left unattended, it can cause a person to keep coughing for months resulting in the weakening of the lungs. This post will share how you can relieve cough with phlegm quickly (in a matter of days). Why Coughing Occurs? There are many reasons why coughing occurs. One of the most common reasons is that when a person just recovers from the flu and the virus residue needs to be purged out from the lungs, during this time, coughing will occur. Another cause is when a person has eaten something that is not suitable for his/her body’s constitution, then coughing will occur as it wants to purge out the stuff that the body can’t absorb. Regardless of the reason, it is always better to know what kind of cough it is at any given time. The Different Types of Coughs Heaty Cough – Heaty cough is very common and it is shown by yellow and/or thick phlegm. If a person is having a heaty cough, he/she should avoid eating or drinking foods with warm thermal nature like ginger, longan, and red dates. Cold Cough – Cold cough is also very common and is shown by white phlegm and is pretty easy to cough out. A person having a cold cough should avoid eating foods or drinks with cooling thermal nature such as bitter gourd and almost all types of herbal tea (Chrysanthemum, Monk fruit, barley drink etc). Dry Cough – While heaty and cold cough normally happen in the beginning stages of coughing, dry cough mostly happens when a person ignores the heaty and cold cough for too long. Dry cough is shown by no sound of phlegm when coughing or phlegm is very difficult to be coughed out. Dry cough will take a longer time to recover. Coughing should not be left untreated or unattended because the longer time a person is coughing, the harder it is to recover. It is pretty easy and fast to recover from heaty and cold cough so I always encourage people to act promptly as soon as coughing starts. Foods To Avoid If You Are Coughing While the remedy is important, it is also important to know what food to avoid so that the recovery will be faster. First, avoid oily and deep-fried foods. These foods will contribute to the production of phlegm and thus, coughing a lot more than normal. Second, avoid taking cold drinks and raw foods. These food will weaken your spleen and lungs and hence, delay the time to recover. Third, choose low-sodium foods and avoid eating dessert for the time being. Sugary stuff will promote the development of phlegm in people who have weaker spleens. So it is best to avoid eating dessert when you are coughing. What To Eat When You Are Coughing Regardless of what type of cough you are having, the following two pieces of advice work: First, you would need to drink more water (not iced or cool water), particularly warm water. Water will help your body to dissolve the phlegm. So reducing the intake of caffeine drinks and replacing it with water is a wise choice when you are coughing. The second piece of advice is to you can eat more white radishes. White radish has a strong property of dissolving phlegm. You can cook white radish as soup or steam it to eat. White radish is effective for all types of coughing with phlegm. A Fast Remedy: Phlegm-Dissolving Cough Syrup If you can’t follow the above dietary advice 100% and still want your cough to recover soonest, you can consider getting the following cough syrup. This particular brand of cough syrup is one of those rare ones in the market that is effective for almost all types of cough. You can get a bottle of this cough syrup in most TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) retail shops. The reason why this cough syrup works for almost all types of cough is that it contains both cooling and warm herbs that can treat heaty and cold coughs. It also has lung-strengthening herbs for people having dry coughs. Most importantly, it contains herbs that help to dissolve phlegm so it will help to stop your coughing. IMPORTANT NOTE: Not all cough syrup works for all types of cough. If you are drinking a different type of cough syrup, do consult a physician if that is suitable for your cough. Hope you find this post useful and just let me know if you have any questions (by posting in the comments below).