Recommended Herbal Drinks for Humid Months (June, July & August)

If you are living in Singapore (or any other country that is currently very humid), then this post is for you.

The impact of humid weather on our bodies is that it will create moisture (known as 湿) within our bodies. In the long term, this moisture will become damp and starts to create trouble for our health.

One sign of dampness in our body is water retention (appears in any part of the body). People with water retention most likely have some degree of dampness in them.

In fact, everyone who lives in a tropical country like Singapore will have some degree of dampness in the body. Dampness may not necessarily appear as water retention in certain body parts, it can also be hidden in our body and affects our digestion. Our spleen is very vulnerable to dampness.

chinese barley water

Thus, a good drink to have during humid weather is the Chinese barley drink. The main property of Chinese barley is getting rid of dampness. This, therefore, helps in relieving water retention.

Chinese barley also helps to cool the body so this makes it an ideal drink during humid months like Jun, Jul and Aug.

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Another good drink to have is the green bean drink.

Not only can green beans help to detox our bodies, it can also quench thirst and cools the body just like the Chinese barley property.

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