Benefits of Grapes in TCM

This post is about the TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) benefits of grapes. Grapes are a great source of energy. They can quickly replenish Glucose in our bodies. They are also high in nutrients including B-group vitamins, and other minerals.

In TCM, the thermal nature of grapes is neutral. So it is very gentle on the body. Having said that, please eat all foods in moderation.

Grapes also benefit the organs – lung, spleen, and kidneys.

In TCM, the properties of grapes are improving energy and strengthening the blood. They can also strengthen bones and encourage urination.

Grapes are commonly used for deficiency in blood and energy. It is also used for irregular or heavy heartbeat.

Different Colors of Grapes

Black and purple colored grapes help in improving skin quality and whitening.

Green-colored grapes are better at strengthening energy and blood. 

Dosage Recommendations

A recommended dosage for grapes is between 10 to 20 pieces. Too much consumption of grapes will result in vomiting and diarrhea.

A Convenient Alternative

If you do not have time to buy and rinse grapes, then a good alternative is to eat raisins. They have the same properties as grapes and also, please do not consume too much of them.

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