Balanced Type – Food and Herbs Recommendation

Congratulations if you are a balanced type! Balanced type (平和体质) is the most healthy body constitutions out of all the nine types. In TCM, we believe a person is healthy when Yin and Yang is balanced. On the other hand, a person will start to have diseases if Yin and Yang is out of balance.

If you are balanced type, it means you are generally healthy compared to others. But do not let your guard down because of this. There are several tips below to help you keep your body type as balanced:

  1. Eat all food in moderation – No matter how super powerful is a food or fruit, always bear in mind even Vitamin C will become harmful to your body when consumed too much.
  2. Fall asleep before 11pm – Sleeping is the best repair service that you can do for your body. Sleeping late will cause ‘heat’ to build up in your body.
  3. Stop eating processed food – Processed food is the major reason why people are falling sick nowadays. If you want something for a quick snack, choose things like nuts, fruits, soy milk or other whole food.

As our body type will change over time due to aging, diet, activities and lifestyle habits, do revisit the body type calculator one year later and see if your body type changes.

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