Do You Know Your TCM Body Constitution?

Foods can cause different reactions to different people.
Ginseng, if eaten by people who are not Yang or Qi deficient, can cause more harm than good.
If a person with Yin deficiency keeps eating spicy and hot stuff, it can worsen his/her insomnia.
If a person with blood stasis body type keeps eating/drinking cooling stuff like herbal tea, it can cause further blood clots in his/her body.
It is important to understand our own body constitution to eat the right food to help our body achieve the right balance.
There are a total of nine body constitution types in TCM:
In the next few posts, I will share more about each body constitution, how you can better understand your body type and some food recommendations!
In the meantime, if you want to find out what body constitution you have, feel free to use this online TCM tool to check.

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