Benefits of Persimmon Fruit in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

The persimmon is a good fruit to eat, especially during the Autumn season of every year. There is a saying that 霜降吃了柿,不会流鼻涕. It means that if a person were to eat persimmon in late Autumn of a year, that person will not catch any flu at that year-end.

persimmonsThe thermal nature of persimmon is cooling. Thus, it can help to reduce heatyness in the body.

The persimmon has great benefits for the heart, lungs, and large intestine.

The main properties of persimmon are that it can protect the heart, moisturize the lungs (relieve dry cough) and stops bleeding (in the intestine). It can also quench thirst.

It is a good fruit to eat when a person has dry cough, sore throat or keep having a thirst sensation.

The recommended dosage for a person is about 100g to 200g.

Avoid eating persimmon with high iron and protein.

One thing to take note is that persimmon can cause stomach upset if it is eaten together with food with high protein (crab meat etc). 

You also need to avoid eating persimmon with food with high iron like animal organs.

Persimmon has the property of restricting bowel movement so for people with constipation, it is best to avoid eating it.

If you have a weak spleen, then try eating dried persimmon.

dried persimmonDried persimmon is a good alternative if you can’t eat fresh persimmon. The thermal nature of dried persimmon is warm (instead of cooling).

The main difference with fresh persimmon is that these dried ones also have spleen-strengthening properties.

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