Xiao Xue (小雪) Solar Terms – Diet and General Wellness Guidelines

We are into the Xiao Xue (小雪) solar terms (节气) starting from the 22 Nov to 06 Dec 2023. Xiao Xue is the 20th Solar Term out of the entire 24.

The weather will be turning colder (cooler for tropical countries like Singapore) and many people under this solar term will be more prone to reduction in 肾阳 (the yang energy in kidney).

Thus, we can eat foods that increase the yang energy in the kidneys such as walnuts, cashew nuts, chinese chestnuts (栗子), chinese yam (山药).

Having said this, we must also have a balanced intake of vegetables like radishes and fruits.

The direction for taking care of ourselves in this solar term is 益肺气,潜肾气 (in simpler terms, to strengthen both our lungs and kidneys’ qi).

A food that is very helpful in strengthening qi in our lungs and kidneys is the Chinese Yam (山药).

Chinese yam not only has great benefits for the lungs and kidneys, it can also strengthen the spleen to help absorption of nutrients better in our body. 

The following is a recommended porridge reciepe for most people to try in this solar term:

Ingredients (for 1 pax):

  • Fresh Chinese yam (30g)
  • Walnuts (10 to 20g)
  • Rice (preferably can use mixed grains, 50g)

Chinese Yam walnut porridge

I like to use a thermal pot to cook porridge as it saves a lot of gas.

  1. How it works is that you put the mixed grains into the pot with lots of water (5 to 7 times the amount of water compared to cooking rice).
  2. Bring the mixed grains with water to boil then put in fresh Chinese yam (in chunks or slices) and walnuts.
  3. Let it boil for 4 to 5 minutes and remove from heat and place inside the thermal pot. The porridge will be ready to serve in an hour!

General Wellness Recommendation

Do take note that during this solar term, some people will have a higher risk of cardiovascular attacks so some foods that these people can eat are hawthorn, black fungus, and SanQi (三七 – this is a Chinese herb that is very strong in dispersing blood clots). These foods and herbs help to disperse clots in the bloodstream.

Getting enough sleep during Xiao Xue solar term is also important. So make sure you go to bed earlier and wake up a bit later (if possible).

Another thing to watch out for is not to exercise vigorously, especially during the early morning. Do your best to exercise only when the morning sun is out. If the morning sky is still dark, you can choose to do some light exercise indoors instead.

Hope you find this post useful!

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    • Yes, CJ. But take note that the thermal nature of lotus root is cold so it is better not to eat too much especially for people with weaker spleen (spleen qi deficient).


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