Han Lu (寒露) Solar Terms – Diet and General Wellness Guidelines

We are into the Han Lu (寒露) solar terms (节气) starting from the 08 Oct to 24 Oct 2023. Han Lu is the 17th Solar Term out of the entire 24.

During this Han Lu Solar Term, the air will continue to be dry, and the temperature difference between the day and night will be wider compared to Bai Lu (two Solar Terms ago).

Things to look out for in this Han Lu is that the dry air will cause people to cough more frequently. Hence, we should eat more foods that can moisturize our lungs (润肺) during this period like pears, white fungus, lotus root, lily (百合) and black sesame.

For people with sinus or very sensitive to surrounding air temperature changes, you can consider wearing fabric-made masks in the morning to keep the air you breathe in warmer.

Diet Recommendations 

During Han Lu Solar Term, there are places where the tradition is to eat sesame. People believe the sesame will help to warm and moisturize the lungs during this period. Consider adding black sesame (bread spread or powder form as a beverage) to your breakfast!

chrysanthemum teaThis is also the period that chrysanthemum blossoms. And in TCM, the best foods for people are those that are available in that season (应季食材). Thus, drinking some chrysanthemum tea is also highly encouraged. Chrysanthemum has the property of 疏肝 (relieving stagnant qi in the liver). In TCM, we believe the liver has a lot to do with one’s emotions.

If you have symptoms like eye redness, dry eyes, and mild sore throat, then try drinking some chrysanthemum tea for consecutive two to three days will help you relieve the symptoms.

When choosing chrysanthemum, you can consider using the yellow type as compared to the white type during this period. Read here for the different types of chrysanthemum.

General Wellness Recommendations 

Lastly, but also equally important to take note, Han Lu is the period where we have to take care of our and surrounding people’s mental health. It is said that during Han Lu, there will be more people getting depressed. Hence, people always mention 防秋愁 (which means to take care of our mental health/emotions to avoid getting depressed) in Han Lu.

One way to liven up a person’s mood and spirits during this period is to go hiking and drink some chrysanthemum or rose tea. This will help one’s mind to stay relaxed and composed.

Hope you find this information useful!

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