TCM Benefits Of Cherries

Recently there are lots of cherries available in the market and do you know that cherries are one of those fruits that are not cooling in properties like other common fruits such as bananas, papayas, and apples? Read on to find out more!

By the way, the thermal nature of cherry is warm. So eating a lot of them will make you heaty. Beware of this!

Properties of cherries

There are two properties of cherries:

  1. Strengthen kidneys – One of the main properties of cherries is that they can strengthen kidneys. Very few fruits have the properties of kidney strengthening. So this means that eating cherries will help to strengthen your back (also relieve lower back pain/back soreness, if it is due to weak kidneys) and legs. Having a strong kidney will also give you a stronger immune system.
  2. Strengthen the spleen and remove dampness – Another property of cherry is that it can help to strengthen the spleen and remove dampness. Thus, it is a good fruit to eat if you have a weak spleen (loose/sticky stools and stomach easily upset after eating cooling stuff). Again, very few fruits can strengthen the spleen, so cherry is quite a good choice for people with a weak spleen.

The ideal group of people who are suitable for cherries is those with Yang Deficiency. People who are deficient in Yang will need to strengthen their kidneys through foods/fruits with warm thermal properties.

People who should avoid eating cherries

Because cherry is warm in thermal nature, people with a sore throat should avoid eating it.

People with constipation should also avoid eating cherries.

People who are having insomnia should avoid eating cherries in case the insomnia is linked to Yin deficiency.

The recommended dosage per person is about 30 to 150g.

Hope you find this post useful!

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